Windows product activation keys are protected by Microsoft copyright. Hacking or illegal use of products is punishable by law.

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You need an official license to activate the products Windows and Office.


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista


  • MS Office 2016
  • Office 365
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2007
KMS description
Is one of the sources to unofficial activate Windows and Office products
Regular updates, fast activation of any products that you need.
Is an offline-type activator that can generate licenses and keys for Windows and Office on its own.

What is KMS and how will it help you? Key Management System will help you to activate Microsoft products and software, not necessary buying the original software. You can ne surprised but this activating tool is actually the one that represented by Microsoft. Keys were publishing for the public use, also Microsoft shows KMS to other partner companies by itself. Surprised? I bet!

KMS provides the information that is necessary to enable the use of the full range of the program functions. If your computer is not activated, you can switch only to restricted functional access mode.

The ability to confirm the rights to use Windows is implemented using a special KMS key management system. The digital combination you need can be obtained simultaneously with the purchase of a licensed version of the OS. For those users who are looking for alternative solutions to the problem, special KMS activators have been invented.

KMSPico is one the best sources to activate Windows and Office products. Regular updates, fast activation of any products that you need. KMSPico is an offline-type activator that can generate licenses and keys for Windows and Office on its own.

KMS install image
How to install KMS?

It is very easy to install KMS and start using it to activate any of Microsoft products.

  • 1Follow the link to install it.
  • 2After installation process will end you will get a lifetime access to your favorite Microsoft products.
  • 3KMS activator for today is the best existing tools to activate MS Office or Windows on your laptop or computer.
  • 4What you have to do is follow the link above, download it on your PC, after the installation of KMS you can start using Microsoft software.
  • 5But you have to know that antivirus may block the KMS, so you may need delete it.
What KMS actually does?

If you are interested in using Microsoft products for free for a lifetime - KMS activator is something you definitely need!

Did it happen to you when you buy a copy of Microsoft product, but you get only trial version of the product? Often trial version expires in a 30 days or less. Some of the trial versions also consist keys. After the trial version expires you have to buy the product and activate the keys to have access and continue using the software that you like. Trial version is also very limited in use and its functions. But if you have an activator you can continue enjoying the MS Office or other Microsoft products.

KMSPico is another useful tool that helps you to use Microsoft products and software for free as long as you need.

You also can find on the internet many other tools and activators, but most of them unfortunately have trojans and viruses, which could bring damage to your computer.

KMS key image
Key Characteristic
Activation of Windows and Office products
After installation you can start to use any of Windows or Office products.Windows activated by the KMSpico looks actually the same as original one you can buy. It will be updating in the way as original Windows does
Lifetime, unlimited activation
All the benefits of KMS and Microsoft products you can use as long as you need. It is unlimited. KMS also has no trial period, as other software may have.
No fraud or detection issues
Developers of the KMSpico tried their best to make all for Microsoft could not detect it. Team of KMS make regular updates as well to keep that work. New servers are helping to activate your products on that servers itselves.
N-Bit Operating System
It is supported by 32-bit and a 64-bit operating system like MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 8.1, MS Windows 10. It doesn't work for Windows XP, but i guess you don't use it :D
Free from any viruses and safe
A lot of staff you may download from the internet may be unsafe and hurt your software. But not this time. KMS team made all possible to avoid this downloading KMS.
No special skills needed
You don't need training or special knowledge to use his software. You just need to click on the Activate button to activate the KMS. After this step, some processes will be done in the background. You will get a notification after successful activation.
KMSPico is free of any costs, and there are no extra charges for the activation of the MS Office or Windows.

Of course, there is a lot of benefits of KMS activator. Now we will introduce you all of them. KMS activator has a lot of features, it is basically for everyone who needs it cause it is very easy to instal and use it. User-friendly UI, so even your grandmother's can get along with it in a few seconds. KMS activator is saving you from time and money wasting. Because it is the fastest activation of Microsoft products and free of charge.

KMS can activate a lot of different products: Microsoft Office - from 2010 to 2016, also 365. Both x84 bit or x64 bit. The tool will automatically understand the version of the product. It is fully offline activation. No need to worry about detection of frauds. Activator is provided in multiples languages. It requires to have.Net Framework 4.0 or above version to work it properly. KMS weights only about 5 MB on your PC. This activator is safe and totally viruses free. This tool doesn’t ask for your personal data. Lifetime using.

KMS feautures image

Now you've got a lot of information about KMSPico, its benefits, installation process and details of how and for what it works. You may ask if you still have any further questions. We have tried to provide you as much information as possible. Hoping it was helpful.

Use the contact form or write us an email, we will be happy to hear from you.

You can add this website to your bookmarks and follow new articles and our regular updates. You will find a lot of useful information that you may use by yourself for free.

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Take your windows product key

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Getting windows product key in a legal way

The key for Windows and office products is recommended by the copyright holder – the Microsoft company. The copyright law protects proprietary software. In each country, the purview of this law is slightly different, but in any case, the patent for office and windows belongs to Microsoft. Any unauthorized selection or hacking of a windows product key is punishable by law, most often administrative liability is applied for the first violation.

Any illegal use of keys to windows products may be determined by the corporate employees. In particular, the commercial use of unlicensed products can be seen clearly.

When revealing the unauthorized use, company employees have the right to file an application to the police. Its employees have the right to check software applications installed on the computers of the company or of the private user. In the event of the discovery of violations, information is sent to the court.

What is an activation key or a Windows key?

When buying a licensed version of Windows, a unique key is attached to it. It is necessary for activation of the product, and later for resetting the operating system. You need to activate the product in order to use all its capabilities to the maximum. If the key is not entered, then the OS can be used only for 30 days, afterward, the program will begin to remind you to activate the code and later will stop to run.

The activation key is a 25-digit code of letters and numbers. It looks like that:



You can find it:

  1. On the product packaging (when buying in a store):
  2. In the payment confirmation email (when purchasing online).
  3. In the certificate of authenticity (on the computer at the back or bottom, when the OS is “completed” with the new PC).

The product key on the back cover of the laptop.

How often and why do you need to reinstall Windows?

Each user will have his views considering this question. Someone thinks that this solves almost all the problems of Windows. And for other users, reinstallation is a periodic scheduled process. But it is beyond argument that the reinstallation is necessary for the process of a system upgrade, during which the key entry is required. If the key is not entered, it will not be possible to perform the reinstallation.

If the key is lost, there are several ways to restore it:

  1. With the help of a system builder. These are small organizations that have a license from Microsoft corporation and perform preinstallation of Microsoft operating systems on computers. When referring to a system builder, the following should be considered:
  • to restore the key is possible only if a system builder still works;
  • lost or damaged certificates or drives can not be restored;
  • the system builder can directly contact Microsoft;
  • it is possible to restore only the version of the product that is still being released.
  1. Approach the Microsoft company. In this case, the relevance of the product is also important – you can restore only the version that is being released.

Attention! Using programs to get windows or an office product key such as KMS, KMSpico, Autokms net are illegal ways! The software on the website is provided only as a test review. For the violation of Microsoft’s intellectual property rights, the user bears responsibility for the installation of these applications!